With London going cuckoo over fried chicken, and the ‘posh fast food’ trend rapidly infecting the North, the opening of Yard and Coop was almost inevitable. We don’t really need to explain what the main focus of the menu is going to be, but we can tell you buttermilk, marinades and sauces are all involved. Plus killer cocktails and a craft beer menu to make it somewhere to both begin and end your night. Colonel Saunders, eat your heart out.

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Northern Quarter Manchester

The Yard & Coop team have aimed to “create a restaurant that captures the very best of dining out in Manchester, bringing the fun back to the entire experience“. I hope they succeed and I hope that chicken is delicious! We will get to find out soon enough I guess (mid-July).

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I Love Manchester

“The NQ restaurant scene sees no signs of slowing down. After the latest editions of Ply on Lever Street and Tariff and Dale – both winning plaudits and the second Turtle Bay opening in the city, on Oldham Road, the area is starting to become a much loved foodie hub once again with a diverse array of eateries gracing the streets.”

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