Why Chicken?

It’s a good question. And one we still get asked all the time. After the burger pandemic it was obvious that the casual food market had to head in a new direction, but the country’s most ‘everyday’ meat? Really?

The thing is that we’ve always loved chicken. Tasty chicken wings with a whole load of spices, roast chicken in proper chicken gravy, moist fried chicken in a crisp crumb… We’ve tasted some good chicken in our time, and that’s what drove us to create our own secret buttermilk fried chicken recipe. Everywhere we travelled we were checking out the chicken and getting back in the kitchen to work out what we needed to do to make ours better.

We like to think that we nailed it, but we are always looking for feedback and ideas from our customers, so come down, try our chicken and hit us up on twitter or Facebook and tell us what you think.

In the meantime, check out some of our favourite chicken restaurants from across the USA.

Warning: this will do nothing to stop your fried chicken cravings…


  1. Bertha’s Soul Food Cafe, Los Angeles, CA




Bertha is the godmother of fried chicken.This place has been around for nearly fifty years and it serves up actual soul food. As in, the kind of food that feeds your soul. So that, when you die, no matter what bad shit you’ve got up to in your life, you know you’re gonna be ok because there was that one time you went to Bertha’s and had mac and cheese, creamed corn and fried chicken wings. Halleluiah.


  1. Root and Bone, New York, NY




These guys are all about bringing authentic and rustic Southern dishes to New York City and their fried chicken is pretty exceptional. Like us, they brine it for 24 hours to make it super moist but then they really bring it to life with citrus Southern sunshine flavours that just make you smile. They do more than just chicken too, like pork chops and brisket biscuits to die for. But get the devilled eggs. And thank us later.


  1. Willie Mae’s Scotch House, New Orleans, LA





Ok, New Orleanians are pretty cool people. They’re hard to impress. They are not the type to throw around words like “legendary” and “classic”, so when they do we know better than to ignore it. And Willie Mae’s Scotch House is a legendary classic. The queues for fried chicken at this place speak for themselves, but also the hundreds of volunteers who showed up after Katrina to help re-build the much-loved institution of one seriously unique city. Listen to your heart on this one.


  1. Yardbird, Miami, CA




These guys were one of the first places we checked out when we started on our chicken adventure, mainly because we’d already heard a lot about them. Again with the Southern vibe and family recipes, they have started to make a lot of noise about proper chicken and the food, well it really ain’t bad. Which is something, considering they are based in Las Vegas and Miami… Both places you could easily find yourself craving fried chicken at 4am…


  1. Brenda’s Meat and Three, San Francisco, CA




In case you hadn’t noticed by now we like food served up a bit differently. Food you can share, pick at and mix up, just how you like it. And Brenda’s Meat and Three is all about that casual dining style. They take the Southern culinary tradition that dates all the way back to the 1930s, of one meat and three sides. Choose from a whole range of Southern-style options from a menu that changes daily. And ‘COS WE ARE IN ‘MERICA, the portions are massive. So go hungry. And go for beer, ‘cos that’s awesome too.


Been anywhere that you think we should check out? We’d love to hear about it on twitter @yardandcoop. Or book a table at our place and let us know what you think of the chicken. Because that’s what really matters.