There will be tears…

Feel the heat this Valentines day with our incredibly hot wings, featuring hellfire fiery fool hot sauce.

We challenge you to not to cry in front of your date this Valentines day when tucking into these bad boys. No Date? Release the tears and blame the wings…

Turn up the heat this Valentines day, with our Hellfire fiery fool wings at Yard & Coop. Described as the hottest sauce in the Universe, this sauce is made with a blend of the hottest peppers on the planet, including Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, Red 7-Pot and Chocolate Habanero. Safe to say its not for the feint hearted, and probably not for the wise, but we couldn’t resist slathering it all over our wings for that Valentines day treat.

The sauce features in the latest series of the “Hot Ones” on YouTube, so see it in action HERE.

It’s guaranteed to make you swelter, so try not to cry in front of your date whilst tucking into these. Or, bring your mates along and see who can last the longest without breaking a sweat.

If you cant handle the heat, fear not as we’ve got lots of other specials to tickle your fancy  this Valentines Day.

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