Bang Bang Katsu Burger

Our latest special is here until 24th May!

Everyone knows we love a special here at Yard & Coop. After our Easter specials of the hot cross bun burger and deep fried crème egg, we thought it would be hard to top. BUT we think we may have done it. This is a burger we’ve been working on for a while, and we think you’re going to love it.

We present to you the Bang Bang Katsu Burger.

Katsu curry was first invented in Japan in 1899, originally with Pork (Tonkatsu) and based on European cuisine with a Japanese twist. Its grown in popularity ever since, with several variations and is loved worldwide.

In fact, most Japanese curries use English curry powders, which explains why katsu sauce has a similar taste to English chip shop curry sauce, which works perfectly with our chicken.

The Bang Bang Katsu Burger combines everybody’s favourite Japanese curry with our buttermilk fried chicken. Obviously its Yard & Coop style, so there are a few twists.

Our burger consists of a brioche bun with a buttermilk fried chicken breast, bang bang cucumbers, pickled ginger, fried seaweed and katsu curry sauce. Its topped with our gunpowder chicken, served with fries and it’s absolutely delicious.

Our newest special is available from the 2nd May up until the 24th May, so you can indulge for nearly a whole month. Come and give it a go at your nearest Coop – its perfect washed down with a pint.



Easter at the Coop

After Christmas, Easter is our second favourite holiday, and we always go all out at the Coop.

This Easter we’ve listed all our Hen-credible weekend shenanigans for you and the family to enjoy.

The Return of the Deep Fried Crème Egg

Yes that’s right, the deep fried crème egg returns from Wednesday 17th to Monday 22nd April. We obviously love deep frying things and a chocolate egg is no exception. Get your deep fried egg at any of our Coops this Easter as a perfect oozing fondant chocolate delight after your feast of chicken.

The deep fried crème egg is £3, and likely to sell out fast!

Check out this Behind The Scenes video:

Hot Cross Burger

Our hottest new special, the hot cross bun burger is available all weekend for £14. It features a hot cross bun stuffed with two buttermilk fried chicken thighs, bacon, fried onions, adobo mayo and a fried egg. Oh and its garnished with a crème egg. It’s absolutely delicious, and pretty much the best special we’ve ever done.

This special is available from Wednesday 17th to Monday 22nd April.

Hot Cross Burger… and yes that is a Crème Egg.


Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we do our Easter egg hunt, where we hide chocolate eggs near the restaurant. They each have prizes in including free mains, drinks and sides. The hunt begins on Monday 15th April, where we’ll be giving out clues of the hiding places on Facebook. So get hunting!

Little Chicks Eat Free

Bring your chicks in over the Easter period, and we’ll feed em up good and proper when you get yourself a main meal. We’ll throw some lego in to keep them occupied.

We’ll also have free face painting for your little chicks AND a colouring competition running over Easter, so theres plenty for them to be getting on with whilst you kick back with your booze and chicken.