Carl Morris joins Exp101

Carl Morris Co-Founder Of Yard & Coop joins Exp101

To hear Carl’s journey and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry come and join us on 19th June At The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.”

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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Liverpool

£20 per person

We’re sure you’ve all heard of afternoon tea. It traditionally involves a selection of classic English sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and of course, a pot of your favourite tea. That all sounds well and good, but it’s not very Yard & Coop, is it? A fried chicken afternoon tea on the other hand, now that sounds like something we could put our name on. We’ve created what we think is the best afternoon tea Liverpool city centre has to offer.

Introducing our three-tiered fried chicken feast that is fit for royalty, served with our signature chicken breast, dirty bird style. It’s the ultimate buttermilk fried chicken pile up.

Tier 1

The bottom tier is made of a Dirty Bird for two: A bowl full of fries loaded with cheese sauce, buttermilk fried chicken and crispy bacon. Smothered with our spicy Bee’s Knees, Dr Pepper BBQ and blue cheese sauces.

Tier 2

The middle tier has Mini Burger buns with buttermilk fried chicken and adobo chilli mayo, Grandma’s Stuffing Balls and our signature Amaizeballs, served with a selection of our homemade chicken gravy and Korean sauces.

Tier 3

The top tier will finish you off nicely with an assortment of cupcakes, fresh strawberries, a mountain of marshmallows and chocolate dipping sauce.

Best Afternoon Tea Liverpool

Our Afternoon Tea in Liverpool also includes a gin serve from our BOOZE menu, served in a huge balloon glass.

Fancy testing our claims of having the best afternoon tea Liverpool city centre has to offer? Then get your ass down to the Coop at your earliest convenience. We’re located on Hanover Street, right next to Liverpool One, the perfect place to stop off in between your shopping.

This offer is available every day of the week for bookings of up to as many people as you’d like. Pre-book only. Make your reservation using the form below.