House of Coco

“On first impressions, it’s location in Northern Quarter’s Edge Street matches the interior perfectly – intimate booths are built within larger-than-life chicken coops (complete with chicken wire roof and glitzy twinkly lights), bespoke art murals feature on exposed concrete walls as an envious cage takes centre stage in the restaurant housing the hard liquor.”

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Fairey Clarey

“It’s like a little oasis of calm in a very busy city, and thankfully doesn’t try to be like all the other restaurants in the area. It’s welcoming and overall does mighty fine chicken. So, what are you waiting for?”

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Good Egg Manchester

“It’d be incredibly difficult to dislike this place, reasonably priced for the cash-strapped amongst us with the Yard and Coop Bucket a prime example, feeding four for 40 quid.”

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Manchester Evening News

“The Northern Quarter’s newest restaurant has opened its doors – and the owners of Yard and Coop are aiming to get us all hooked on their US-style buttermilk-fried chicken.

The new bar and restaurant has taken shape inside a former office building with hip wall murals, reclaimed wooden tables and low slung light fittings making it a stylish new addition to the ever-burgeoning Edge Street.

Owners Carl Morris and Laura Morris (who are no relation!) came up with the concept after spotting the fried chicken trend moving from America to London.

And after spending a year trialling more than 800 different flavour combinations, they believe they have found the winning formula with their braised, marinated and crumbed chicken recipes that are a closely guarded secret.”

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Taste of Manchester

“Yard and Coop’s US-style food is a world away from all that artery-busting Dirty Food vibe. Quite a coup.”

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A Magazine

“Diners to the super cool restaurant decide their cut, crumb and sauce, as well as side dishes of onion petals in tempura batter, Korean slaw, and house dish Peas And Love crafted from garden peas with fresh mint and chilli. All this creates the ultimate pairing to the signature dish.”


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Manchester Confidential

“It’s refreshing, in today’s age of mega-money multi-million quid restaurant fit-outs, to hear that the folks from Yard & Coop have been roaring up and down the country haggling over plastic chairs from Berkshire church halls, formica from Cumbrian car boots whilst slipping a local art grad a few bob to paint a massive winky fox on the wall. It works too. There’s a hotch-potch Berlin backpacker charm to Yard & Coop, reinforced by the bold street graffiti scene screaming through the back windows. Punters nibble on bourbon wings at the bar while over in the feeding coops there’s a scuffle over the last ‘Monkey Ball’ – a jolly place to be.”

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With London going cuckoo over fried chicken, and the ‘posh fast food’ trend rapidly infecting the North, the opening of Yard and Coop was almost inevitable. We don’t really need to explain what the main focus of the menu is going to be, but we can tell you buttermilk, marinades and sauces are all involved. Plus killer cocktails and a craft beer menu to make it somewhere to both begin and end your night. Colonel Saunders, eat your heart out.

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Northern Quarter Manchester

The Yard & Coop team have aimed to “create a restaurant that captures the very best of dining out in Manchester, bringing the fun back to the entire experience“. I hope they succeed and I hope that chicken is delicious! We will get to find out soon enough I guess (mid-July).

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