Deep Fried Magnum

We deep-fried something again. Introducing the Deep-Fried Magnum Ice Cream PORN FLAKE.

After the success (and yumminess) of the deep fried egg, we thought what could we deep-fry this bank holiday that people would love. Lets be honest, British bank holiday weather is notoriously rubbish, so we decided to create something that can be devoured come rain or shine.

Since our crème egg, we’ve been playing with our food a bit more (Sorry mum!). We have been deep frying different treats, and tested deep fried ice cream. Its great – but in classic Yard & Coop style we wanted to take it to the next level!

This time, we’re working with Magnum, the king of ice creams (and our all time favourite) to create a delicious, gooey hot and cold delight. We mixed cornflakes with cinnamon and honey for a tasty, crunchy coating and deep fried the ice cream for 15 seconds. The result? A crunchy, sweet coating, with warm melted chocolate. And the ice cream centre? Still cold!

We have a choice of Classic Magnum or White Magnum, and its flavor explosion and orgasmic taste means it can have only one name: The Pornflake Magnum. Available 3rd-7th May – get it whilst its hot (and cold).

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