Fried Chicken Week


Celebrating the Nations favourite Bird

National Fried Chicken Day (THURSDAY 6TH JULY) is just round the corner, and to celebrate we’ll be having Fried Chicken Week at Yard & Coop. We all tend to have a preference, breast or thigh, wings or drums, but we want to showcase the whole bird in all her glory so are offering “THE BIG BIRD” for those who haven’t quite made their mind up, or who simply haven’t tried all of our different cuts.

The tray holds: A whole bird fried, Yard Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Dirty fries, All our sauces and chicken gravy.

The quality of our chicken is something we are all incredibly passionate about here at Yard & Coop and this means we only get our chickens from one farm in Shropshire, to ensure traceability, good animal welfare standards and consistency. Our chicken is from farm to fork in 48 hours, including our marinating to ensure the chicken is second to none.

When our chicken gets to you, it has been brined for up to 12 hours, tenderising the meat, whilst adding flavour and moisture to the bird. It is then washed and prepped, before being smothered in buttermilk and coated in our secret crumb.

Did you know we tried over 500 crumb recipes before deciding on ours? We needed to make sure there was nothing better! We then fry our chicken in special fryers which ensures the chicken keeps its juicy tenderness whilst still having a crispy crumb coating. We serve it hot, crumb coated and perfectly moist.

So for this year’s National Fried Chicken Day, we’re offering the THE BIG BIRD chicken feast all week long. This includes 2 BREAST, 2 THIGHS, 2 DRUMSTICKS & 2 WINGS, along with loads of DIRTY BIRD FRIES, MAC AND CHEESE, YARD SLAW, all our HOMEMADE SAUCES AND CHICKEN GRAVY to smother your meat in. Great for 4 chicken lovers to share. Or maybe 2 😉

We cant think of a better way to enjoy chicken, so grab your wingman/woman (get it?!) and head to your nearest Coop!

To top off the whole week we’re having a party from 4pm on Friday 7th July. Grab a free drink by signing up here at your Yard & Coop and we’ll send you a freebie