Our Secret Recipe Buttermilk Fried Chicken

It takes two days to prepare our buttermilk chicken before we fry it. We brine the chicken for 24 hours to make it really moist. Then we blend eleven different herbs and spices in our secret crumb* recipe to give it a peppery, spicy and crispy coating that is delicious on its own, or when combined with any of our dustings and sauces.

When we were experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to mix the perfect crumb we were aiming to create something that gives the chicken some crunch but keeps it moist. And we’ve had to eat a lot of fried chicken to get it just right.

The buttermilk gives it a luxurious texture, and you create your own chicken dish by picking your favourite sauces and sides.

We are already preparing a whole load of specials, coming soon. But why not tweet us at @yardandcoop if you have a favourite chicken dish you’d like to see on the menu?

Winner, winner chicken dinner.
*Ok, you didn’t think we were actually going to tell you how we do it, did you?