Coop Got a Brand New Menu

Chinese Takeaway Burger

Winter has come and we decided it was time to brighten things up with a bangin’ new food menu. Expect a classic Coop twist on a number of dirty dishes and the smothered and saucy to be taken to a whole new level.

Chick out our menu highlights…

Get that Saturday night takeaway feeling everyday with our Chinese Takeaway burger. Devour salt & pepper chicken along with pulled chicken in Chinese chip shop curry sauce, crispy seaweed, onion, chilli, peppers and iceberg lettuce. Topped with a deep-fried wonton and served with a fortune cookie.

The Lone Star Burger

We went deep, south and dirty for this one to make a burger the ‘Deep South’ would be proud of. Buttermilk fried chicken breast and thigh with mac and cheese, maple bacon, crispy onions, BBQ pulled chicken, American cheese, sweet potato fries and lime salsa all in a brioche bun. Topped with a Dr Pepper BBQ wing.

Dirty Katsu

You know we love a Dirty Bird so we’ve decided to double up and double dip our Chinese chip shop curry sauce with homemade creamy ranch to create the Dirty Katsu. Expect the loaded bowl of fries we’ve all come to love served with buttermilk fried chicken Ma’ Clucker would be proud of.

This one’s for the veggies. You loved our Feta & honey salad, so we’ve taken it to the large plates. Fried feta drizzled in honey and sesame seeds with rainbow root slaw and fresh coriander on a warm naan bread. Served with minty buttermilk sour cream and our kebab sauce.

Maccie’s Brekkie

You ain’t seen muffin yet. That’s right, never worry about missing breakfast again because we’ve created the ultimate meaty muffin stack packed with two buttermilk fried chicken thighs, sausage meat patty, crispy bacon, American cheese, fried egg and hash browns and served with loaded tatties. It’s breakfast done proper, and all day.

Massive Cock MK V

And finally, it wouldn’t be a new menu without a bigger, better Massive Cock burger. That’s right, over 12 inches tall you definitely need to get your hands round this! A double stacked burger with buttermilk fried chicken breast, chicken thigh, Yorkshire puddings, lashings of cheese sauce and chicken gravy. Piled with pea and onion fritter, chicken tots, bacon jam, hash brown and mac and cheese. All in a brioche bun topped with stuffing balls and served with fries and sweet potato fries.

If this isn’t enough for you, you’ll find some of our best hot sides yet begging to join your table including Chicken Tots, Pea Fritters with hot brown sauce and Carrots & Snips served with a homemade rosemary infused honey.

Our new menu is available now at your nearest Coop.



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