World Gin Day

Ryan Reynolds. Aviation Gin owner.

World Gin Day is around the corner (literally, it’s on Saturday June 9th), so we’ve taken the nations favourite spirit and created some fabulous cocktails for you to celebrate with this weekend.

With so many amazing gins about at the moment we thought long and hard about which one to choose. We finally settled on Aviation Gin, and that decision had absolutely nothing to do with Ryan Reynolds…

Aviation Gin is Americas first craft gin, and was created for a love of prohibition cocktails and a desire for a well balanced and smooth gin. Aviation has 7 main botanicals, and is perfect in cocktails due to the subtlety of its juniper.

So here are our cocktail specials…


Aint Nuthin but a G’in-Thing:
Aviation Gin, Rosso, Luxardo Maraschino and Maraschino syrup

Bootsy Collins:
Aviation Gin, Solerno orange liquor, Elderflower, Lavender and Prosecco


And if these aren’t your bag, we’ve got plenty of other gin cocktails and gin serves on our menu for you to enjoy instead.  Either way, get yourself down to the Coop this weekend for your perfect booze and chicken party.

N.b. Please drink responsibly – it’s called Mother’s Ruin for a reason.

Let your celebrations beGIN.